Happy 4th of July – with a little history about locks

antique LockDid you know that Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used locks? Archeologists are not sure where the first lock was invented, but evidence suggests that locks initially developed independently in the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Wooden locks and keys were in use as early as 4,000 years ago. These type of locks consisted of a vertical beam with tumblers, a wood crossbeam and a wooden key.

Roman locks are no longer in existence since iron, the main metal used, rusts and corrodes, erasing most of them from history. The locks might be gone, but many of the keys can be seen in museums since they were fashioned as rings or necklaces due to clothing not having pockets in these times. One type of Roman lock was the warded bit key lock, another type was the spring loaded bolt.

Greek locks were generally secured with ropes tied in elaborate knots, not providing a lot of security. These creatively tied knots, were operated by using the blade of an iron sickle shaped key (close to twelve inches in length) and inserting it into the key slot, turning the key one hundred and eighty degrees. These locks were simple to defeat, archaeological evidence shows that a bolt was used and secured from the inside if extra security was required.

Today, home owners and business owners, have the choice of many different types of locks to secure their property. It’s best to check with a professional locksmith as to what type of lock is the most suitable selection.

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