The right lock to secure your CT home – padlock, knob lock, or deadbolt?

Most people don’t think about a burglary in their home until it’s too late and their house was broken into. A professional residential locksmith usually gets called to the scene after the fact to inspect the situation. But rather than wait for it to happen you can be pro-active and make sure that your home is adequately secured. Here is a list of a few typical locks used in a residential environment along with the pros and cons.

They are cheap and available in a wide assortment, some of the higher priced models can also be rekeyed. They work great for lockers or your bike but are not meant to be the solution to securing your front door.

Knob Locks
These type of locks have a small button located in the doorknob that activates the mechanism when pushed. Most often found on doors that require privacy such as bathroom doors. Knob locks are not recommended for a main door unless there is also a deadbolt lock installed.

The most commonly used and sturdiest of all protective locks available for residential use. There are three main types of deadbolt locks – the single, the double and keyless entry deadbolt. The single has key entry on one side only (the exterior) and the inside turns to lock. The double has keyed entry on both sides and is obviously more secure but could cause major problems in emergency situations since a person in the house could not exit safely without the key. Keyless entry deadbolts are available in several styles. Some can be operated via remote control, others have an alphanumeric keypad, and some even have fingerprint readers. The biggest drawback for homeowners is the higher price tag they carry.

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