Can your phone unlock the office door?

smartphone keyComing soon to a smartphone near you.

Besides making phone calls and sending text messages, smartphones can also handle a lot of other tasks. Anything from taking a picture to online banking, or looking up directions when you’re out and about. Every day developers extend the functionality of smartphones with new mobile apps. A new application that is currently being tested in an enterprise setting will enable a smartphone to open doors.

HID Global®, located in California and an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, recently completed two pilot programs that demonstrate how Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled devices can allow employees to conveniently open doors with a mobile phone without compromising security.

Participants in the pilot felt that the application for unlocking doors was inutuitive and easy to use. They also felt that the smartphone was more convenient to use than an access card, primarily because they never forget their phones like they do their badges.

The pilot programs provided valuable information on how a smartphone can be used in an enterprise setting to function as a keyless entry system.

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