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Who has a spare key to your home?

who else has a house keyWith spring right around the corner moving into a new home is on the list for many people. More families move in the spring than any other season.

It took a while to find the perfect house, but now you’re finally moving in. But do you know who else may have a key to your dream home? The previous owners may have given a second key to the neighbors to water the plants while the owners were on vacation, the babysitter, repair people, other family members and relatives. When someone uses a duplicate key to enter your house, there would be no sign of a forced entry. Even worse, the intruder could come back for more any time.

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Happy Halloween Connecticut

Trick-or-treating is a fun thing to do and lots of kids will be out going around the neighborhoods on Halloween in Connecticut and all over the country asking for candy. While little kids are happy collecting their treats without performing any tricks, teenage and young adult trick-or-treaters may be in a mischevious mood and forget about that some things just shouldn’t be done. Burglars of course might take the opportunity to give you a “special” treat by breaking into your house or apartment. Continue reading Happy Halloween Connecticut

The right lock to secure your CT home – padlock, knob lock, or deadbolt?

Most people don’t think about a burglary in their home until it’s too late and their house was broken into. A professional residential locksmith usually gets called to the scene after the fact to inspect the situation. But rather than wait for it to happen you can be pro-active and make sure that your home is adequately secured. Here is a list of a few typical locks used in a residential environment along with the pros and cons. Continue reading The right lock to secure your CT home – padlock, knob lock, or deadbolt?

Five tips to help prevent summer home invasions

With Memorial Day weekend coming up thoughts are turning to summer and vacation time.

break-inHere are 5 tips to help you make sure that you’ll find your cash, jewelry, laptop, electronics, and other valuables in their place when you come back.

  1. Make it difficult for a burglar to get into your home – invest in good locks.
  2. Don’t leave your house key under the door mat or flower pot. That’s the first place a burglar will take a look.
  3. Give the key to a trusted neighbor and let them know that you’ll be gone and for how long.
  4. If you have an alarm system turn it on.
  5. If you have a second car, park it in the driveway instead of the garage. Just make sure to take out the garage door opener.

Have more questions about door lock safety? Email Jim Arsenault, your CT Professional Locksmith, or call him at 860-678-9797.

Holiday Season home safety tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again, unfortunately not just for children. Burglars are rejoicing at the thought of the extra valuables they’ll find in homes during the holiday season.

Consumers are spending more again on gifts this year, according to industry experts at the Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit. Where do they hide the items until Christmas? Continue reading Holiday Season home safety tips