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Ditec Automatic Door Opener installation

Recently we were asked to install an automatic door opener system at a commercial location. We decided to use the Ditce HA8-LP because of low-energy operation, durabiity, and small header for limited clearance.

The Ditec HA8-LP is great for high traffic locations such as hospitals, retail stores, schools & universities, airports, convention centers, casinos, industrial buildings and offices. We also installed a push plate for easy activation of the swing door for those with disabilities.

Does your business location need an automatic door opener solution? Contact Jim at 860-678-9797, or click here to email him.

Improved CT school security with electronic wireless locks

CT school safetyWith the school shooting tragedy in Newton still on everybody’s mind and while lawmakers are debating gun control, school administrators are looking for ways to increase protection for students and teachers during school hours. Parents and residents are demanding improved security and better ways to lock down schools, many towns and cities across the nation are scrambling to find a solution.

Electronic locks are one way to add security to a school building. Lock manufacturers have developed electronic locks that can achieve fast results in a lockdown situation. Wireless electronic locks can be added to an existing building that provide the same enhanced security as hard-wired locks that are used in new construction. Both types of locks can be managed through the computer network and, in emergency situations, provide fast lockdown. One lock manufacturer states that “10 seconds is the longest it will take to initiate lockdown” when using one of their wireless lock models.

Controlling access using a wireless lock also provides other benefits to schools, such as the ability to control or restrict entry to individuals during certain hours and provide an audit trail of who entered the building.

The Enfield Board of Education voted to place an armed guard in every Enfield school starting in September. Do you feel that this will deter shool shootings?

Have a question about how wireless locks can be used for Connecticut schools? Email Jim Arsenault or call him at 860-678-9797.
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Happy 4th of July with some locksmith trivia

Happy 4th of July from CT Master Locksmith, CT Commercial Locksmith, CT Residential LocksmithWould you have ever guessed that the King of France and locksmithing have something in common? Louis XVI, King of France from 1774-1792 and husband of Marie Antoinette, was an amateur locksmith.

He loved making locks and mechanical things and enjoyed spending time in the royal locksmith workshop assisted by the local locksmith. Fearing that the revolution would not be kind to him he built his own iron security chest to store papers. The chest could only be opened by somebody who knew the secret of the lock.

In 1776 France saw an opportunity to humiliate arch enemy Britain by supporting the American revolt. Louis XVI was convinced by Benjamin Franklin to send financial aid and large quantities of munitions, sign a formal treaty of alliance, and go to war with Britain. And so the Americans gained their independence. Continue reading Happy 4th of July with some locksmith trivia

Locksmith bait and switch scams

Well over a year ago we wrote about phony locksmiths ripping off consumers. Unfortunately these scams continue to happen every day all across the US. The signs to spot these rogue locksmiths are still the same: no business cards, no marked car, no uniform. The locksmith, often unlicensed and untrained, plays a bait and switch game with the consumer that really is nothing but a scam.

These shady characters take advantage of a bad situation when a person finds themselves locked out of their home or car. In desperate need they call a locksmith that hooks them with a low-ball quote which suddenly doubles, triples or sometimes even quadruples. If the consumer refuses to pay the inflated price, the deceptive locksmith holds the keys hostage until they get paid in cash. Continue reading Locksmith bait and switch scams

Need a new lock? There’s an app for that.

iPad AppNew Haven, Connecticut based ASSA ABLOY, manufacturer of various locks and access control systems including Adams Rite, Arrow, Corbin Russwin, and Sargent, developed an iPad application that simplifies the process of finding the right solution for any door opening in a facility.

The app gives customers the choice to navigate by technology, allows new customers to filter solutions in the ‘Guide Me’ section and provides sales contact information in their market via the map locator. Continue reading Need a new lock? There’s an app for that.