Don’t leave your home unprotected

Almost every little town in the US has them – people who don’t lock their doors. They feel that their neighborhood is safe… everybody knows everybody… a burglary hasn’t happened in the area – so why bother with locking the doors. Besides, that way you don’t have to be concerned about forgetting the keys and being locked out of your own house. And, since many cars now also have keyless entry systems, people don’t want to carry keys around anymore.

This misguided sense of security makes the home accessible to anyone who feels like walking in and helping themselves to whatever they feel like, during the day and also at night when everybody is asleep. Which could also pose danger to the family. The six o’clock news is full of reports of home invasions gone totally wrong when the burglar came across the homeowner with a weapon in hand. Or, perhaps the burglar himself carried a firearm and used it during the break in.

The publicity and attention these tragedies create has many “no-lock” homeowners take a second look at their habit of leaving the house unlocked day and night and think about home security in another light. For people not wanting to have a pocket full of jingling keys there are electronic auxiliary deadbolt locks for residential use available. Many of these type locks on the market allow multiple PINs so that everyone in the family (or those who need access the residence) can have their own entry code. Some of these locks can also be configured through smartphone applications, giving the property owner a wide choice of options.

If you would like to talk about installing an electronic residential deadbolt lock email Jim or give him a call at 860-678-9797. He can help you make your Connecticut home more secure. Jim Arsenault is a Connecticut licensed Master Locksmith with over 30 years experience