Make sure you hire a licensed locksmith

For your own piece of mind it’s important to hire a licensed, insured and professional bonded locksmith.

Look for these three things when hiring a locksmith:

  • Licensing: In Connecticut it is required by law for a locksmith to have a valid locksmith license (you can check online to see if a locksmith license has been issued in Connecticut and if it is valid:
    If you don’t see a license number on the locksmith’s website or business card, which by the way is required to be displayed if the state issues licenses, don’t be shy to ask for the license number.
    Unfortunately, states that do not require licensing make it easy for inexperienced and unprofessional individuals to call themselves “locksmiths.” Most of the time these locksmiths do not have the consumer’s best interest at heart, often they’re just scaming unsuspecting people out of money without delivering.
  • Liability Insurance: Insured locksmiths have purchased liability insurance, thereby protecting the client and themselves in case there is any accidental damage to the property.
  • Bonding: Bonded locksmiths undergo a background check to make sure they do not have a criminal history. This assures the consumer that the bonded locksmith is legitimate and that he has the necessary knowledge to make sure the home or business is protected.

Jim Arsenault is a Connecticut licensed Master Locksmith with over 30 years experience. He is licensed, insured, and bonded. Jim repairs and installs locks at your Connecticut home or business and you’ll always be charged a fair price. Email Jim or give him a call at 860-678-9797.

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  1. My employee accidentally lost the key of my shop’s store, that’s why I’m currently looking for a commercial locksmith service that’ll be able to address this concern. I’m glad you shared this; I’ll make sure to check if the prospective service is licensed, so we’ll be able able to avoid scammers. We’ll also keep in mind to verify if the service will be able to show proof of liability insurance.

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