The best commercial locks for your business

No office or retail store is immune to break-ins. Even stores at indoor malls are increasingly targeted by burglars. Chosing the right lock is important for every business, whether it’s for keeping inventory such as jewelry and electronics safe or a company’s intellectual property secured. Here is a list of common locks used in a commercial setting.

Exit control locks
These are one of the most popular types of commercial door locks. They are available in different types and styles and can be selected according to a business’ specific requirements. They are usually used for back doors. These locks are commonly available with saw-resistant deadbolts as well as high-decibel alarm horns. Some exit control locks also come with outside key control. For a more durable lock it is recommended to choose one with a cast aluminum housing that is corrosion and attack resistant.

Card reader door locks
They are extremely convenient and are considered for high-volume and heavy-duty use such as in hotels or government buildings. They are equipped with an LED light and connected to access control systems with alarms. The careful design, precise manufacturing and low-distortion materials ensure easy installation and long, trouble-free use.

Digital keypad lock
Electronic locks are very similar to a cylindrical lock, but feature a built-in keypad. These keyless systems can effectively eliminate the possibility of an employee making an unauthorized copy of a key. The combination can be easily changed in case security was compromised so only the most trusted employees will have the access code. Digital locks are housed in a tamper-resistant casing designed to safeguard the internal electronic system and hardware.

Fingerprint locks
Once thought of as futuristic or James Bond like, they have become very popular and widely used. No key is needed with this type of lock so there’s no possibility of a lost key. The high-tech device is designed with biometric technology that is able to recognize a fingerprint. Most locks of this type are able to store up to 100 fingerprints in their database.

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