Five tips to protect your home while on vacation

protect your CT homeSummer time is vacation time and families look forward to spending time away and relax. Unfortunately empty houses present an opportunity for burglaries.

Here are 5 tips to help prevent break-ins.

  1. Good locks are essential. About 80 percent of break-ins happen because the burglar knows which locks to pick and which doors to kick in. A deadbolt lock is a good option for most residential dwellings.
  2. Get a security system. Just having the sign in the yard can be a ‘red flag’ for burglars who are checking the neighborhood for easy targets.
  3. Timers are a great option if you are going on vacation. With a timer the lights and the television can automatically be turned on so it appears someone is home. A dark house is an easy target for break-ins.
  4. Hide spare keys well. Don’t put them in obvious places, like under the door mat, close to the door the key belongs to, or in the flower pot.
  5. Stop mail and newspaper delivery. An overflowing mail box and newspapers piled up high by the front door are an open invitation to a burglar.

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