Lock your prescription meds

lock your prescription drugsBy now you might have seen the Public Safety Announcement videos on television, depicting a teenager helping himself to his mother’s medication she keeps in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Or you’ve read newspaper reports about teens dying from a drug overdose. Drugs they didn’t purchase on a street corner in a bad section of town but found readily accessible in their family home. Many young people think that because these medications have been prescribed by a physician that they’re safe to use when in reality a combination of drugs or a mix with alcohol can lead to death.

Statistics show one in four high school students will abuse prescription drugs before they graduate, and 70 percent of those drugs will come from their own home or from a friend. But it’s not just the teens looking for a high – visitors to the home (friends or even family members) might look for prescription medications as well.

Recently a keyless drug lock box for prescription medications has been introduced to keep meds safely for the patient’s use only and not to unintentionally “share.” The container holds up to eight pill bottles and can also accommodate taller bottles with liquid medications. It fits into a standard size medicine cabinet and is lightweight and convenient to use with a pre-assigned four digit combination code requiring no set up.

Keeping prescription medications locked also prevents accidental swallowing by small children or pets.

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