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Keyless, wireless locks for cabinets and drawers…

…make life easier at medical facilities.

Commercial Lockmsith - keyless, wireless locks for cabinets and drawers

Busy doctors and their staff no longer have to worry about who has the keys when they need to get medications in a hurry from the medicine cabinet. The same applies to the office staff when they need to access patient files that are locked in a drawer and nobody knows where the keys are.

How does it work?

Keyless wireless locking systems for cabinets and drawers consist of a transmitter pad, receiver latch, and strike plate. The receiver latch mounts inside the cabinet and the strike plate locks the door or drawer.

A code is entered into the transmitter which then in turn sends the signal to lock or unlock the cabinet or drawer.

Lost, misplaced or stolen keys are no longer an issue with these systems. The transmitter code can be changed whenever the situation requires it, thereby improving security and making the work environment a little bit less stressful on a daily basis for the staff and owner.

Medical facilities are not the only businesses that can benefit from these systems. The applications range from gym lockers to residential cabinets (baby proofing kitchens and bath rooms for example), to offices that need to secure sensitive information.

Have a question about how keyless, wireless locks could be used for your business or residential home? Email Jim Arsenault or call him at 860-678-9797. Jim Arsenault is a Connecticut licensed Master Locksmith with over 30 years experience. 

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