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Multi-technology readers improve safety

card readerIn today’s more security-conscious world often it is not good enough to have just base access control on a single card or PIN. PINs can be used by a number of people as can cards. However, the likelihood of a bad guy knowing the PIN of the person whose card they have stolen (or found), is less likely. So how can a business or school improve security to their facility? The answer: multi-technology readers. Continue reading Multi-technology readers improve safety

Happy Halloween Connecticut

Trick-or-treating is a fun thing to do and lots of kids will be out going around the neighborhoods on Halloween in Connecticut and all over the country asking for candy. While little kids are happy collecting their treats without performing any tricks, teenage and young adult trick-or-treaters may be in a mischevious mood and forget about that some things just shouldn’t be done. Burglars of course might take the opportunity to give you a “special” treat by breaking into your house or apartment. Continue reading Happy Halloween Connecticut